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Living in the Boston area and knowing that our daughter could not attend in-person camp this summer because of Covid 19, we searched for an online Jewish summer camp for 2020. Fortunately, we found Camp Ben Frankel!!! Our daughter loved attending CBF, and our family very much appreciates that CBF welcomed us into the CBF community.  Somehow, CBF translated its camp spirit to a virtual setting. Highlights included the CBF talent show, very creative electives, learning Yiddish words, and weekly Kabbalat Shabbat services with CBF staff, campers, parents, and more. Our daughter proudly wears her red CBF t-shirt, and we hope that families who want their children to experience a wonderful Jewish summer camp will consider CBF!

Jeremy | Boston, MA

We weren't sure if an online camp would work for our son and if, not knowing anyone, he would be able to make new friends in the virtual space. It turned out that we had no need to be concerned. Camp Ben Frankel was such an incredible experience for our son! He was laughing, playing, and learning with kids and counselors all day long and couldn't wait to see them again at the evening programs. He had the chance to connect with so many people and to feel connected to a warm, supportive community. I can't recommend this camp enough!

Stefani | Saint Louis, MO

As a 15 yr old boy, engaging in camp via an online platform was not very enticing. However, after MUCH encouragement, he was eager for each week's activities to be posted & joined EACH & every week of CBF online programming the remainder of the summer.  He was sad for it to end, as he would be for traditional camp as well. Although it was virtual, he felt the same sense of connection/community, as he would have if it were online.  We are so grateful he had a way to engage in a meaningful way with his camp community the summer.

Debbi | Chicago, IL

This year, like for so many, was very rough for our family.  In addition to the pandemic, we relocated to a new state and my husband has been working the front line of the pandemic. Our normally joyous, outgoing, and enthusiastic 8-year-old , had become withdrawn and anxious. We were at a loss for what to do for her. Through CBF, she quickly began to act like her old self. She made many happy memories and frequently sings the lyrics "linger longer", which she learned from CBF. I am so thankful for the staff and kids of CBF and our daughter's experiences during this time.

Dana | Lawrence, KS

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