Five Things To Know As We Prepare For Summer 2021


As I write this, there are 60 days until Camp Ben Frankel opens its doors to 140+ campers and counselors from communities across the world. This time of year is always full of anticipation and a buzz in the air. But this year? The anticipation and longing for camp is magnified exponentially for all of us.

Last year in lieu of in-person camp, we pulled together an unparalleled virtual Jewish summer camp experience. We brought Jewish counselors and campers from around the globe together to bond over phenomenal programming led by industry leaders in cooking, theater, the arts, radio and sports.

We told ourselves that camp is a community and experience, not a place. And it proved true.

But it wasn’t the same.

As most students are finally attending in person school at some length now this spring, we invite you to imagine what four weeks of overnight summer camp would look like for your child.

Here are 5 things we want you to know as we prepare for summer 2021

Health is #1. Throughout the program campers’ and counselors’ health is our top priority. Creating a safe environment this summer is embedded in every decision we make and we will maintain that stance all summer. Click here to read specifics on our safety protocols and how we’ve adapted our program this summer.

Camp is Community. We’ve always said that Camp Ben Frankel is a community not a place. In our seven decades of camp, we’ve pitched our tent in numerous locations. And last summer, we managed to prove the strength of our community virtually. We have no doubt that we will come back stronger than ever this summer as we welcome back veteran staff and campers and invite new ones into our community. No pandemic or other calamity will break apart this community. We will strengthen it every day.

Mission Matters. Our core values of building a Jewish community have always shaped our program and will continue to do so. We promise to instill every one of those values in every child this summer. For those members of our community from small communities where they are among the only Jews, we know that this summer together is more crucial than ever. Contact us to learn more about scholarships available for campers from small Jewish communities.

Creativity is our Core. Whether it’s a rainy day, an extra large group, or an equipment malfunction, our staff know how to improvise and have a blast doing it. This summer will be no different. We are good at planning and great at quickly adjusting those plans as needed.

Communication is our priority. We will provide regular updates from our team throughout the summer. We anticipate those updates to be full of news on all the magic that happens at camp. Should there be any pressing concerns, parents will be notified immediately.

We invite you to join us at one of our weekly Zoom info sessions to find out more, every Tuesday at 6:30pm ct through the end of May via this link:

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