What’s a typical day like?

  • Each day is divided into two blocks: morning activities from 10-12p CT and afternoon activities from 1p-3:15p CT. There is a flexible lunch break in the middle. Read below for more details.
  • Campers begin each day at 10am CT with a fun and campy morning welcome followed by time with their cabinmates and counselors. After a short break, campers enjoy a fun and interactive morning elective until 12pm. 

  • Our flexible lunch period is from 12p-1p and is designed to meet a variety of needs by providing time for lunch. Campers have the option to log off until 1pm. During this time period there are also options available for campers that want to eat lunch while visiting with friends and counselors. 

  • The afternoon period kicks off at 1pm with more fun followed by an afternoon elective activity. Afterwards there is a short break period with optional camp activities followed by afternoon cabin time, again with the other campers and the cabin counselor.

How do you make sure that kids stay active?

We want to make sure that our campers have an engaging and interactive experience. Each day is filled with interactive activities designed to get campers up and moving. Counselors are trained to ensure that campers are using healthy posture.

How can my child experience the outdoors while also participating in CBF Online?

Overnight summer camp is in our DNA and we love the beautiful outdoors. That’s one reason we’ve designed our daily schedule to still allow for plenty of time off the screen and outside. Some activities will also include offline components that encourage kids to be outdoors.

Does my child have to be there the whole time?

We sure hope that our campers will attend the entire time but there is no requirement. We simply ask families to notify us if there will be an absence.

How do campers connect? What is the platform? Is it Zoom?

The platform we use is called Clickto Camp, created by an Israeli company to help provide secure camp experiences that are easy to access.

Is the platform secure?

Yes, only enrolled campers have access. Each camper gets a unique link that is not sharable. Staff and campers cannot change how their name is displayed in the rooms.

How do you avoid screen fatigue?

“I can’t believe how the time flew by!” is a quote from testers after we practiced two days of online camp. The sentiment was shared by all the other participants. Screen fatigue was not an issue at all. Why?

We practice the following:

  • Keep things fun, not boring. If you’re laughing and smiling, time flies. 

  • Make it easy for campers to connect with friends and make new friends. 

  • Run activities that are highly interactive and participatory. 

  • Encourage good posture. 

  • Allow for breaks.

Why does CBF Online cost money when other virtual programs are available for free?

The weekly tuition enables us to hire outstanding camp staff in order to provide an experience that is high quality, personalized, and has a strong ratio of counselors to campers. At $199 per week, it is 80% less than the cost of tuition for a week at our overnight camp.

Can multiple campers share a device or an account?

Each camper needs a separate device and an account.

How do cabin assignments work? Can my camper be in a cabin with their friend?

Campers are organized into cabin groups by grade and gender. During registration, campers may request to be placed with a friend. We honor requests that are mutual and in the same grade. We do not honor requests to “not be placed” with another child.

What is the counselor ratio?

We expect an average ratio of at least one counselor for every seven campers, or 1:7

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