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2022 was a challenging year for so many overnight camps. Although Camp Ben Frankel was not immune from these challenges, we managed to do something that very few others were able to… we had our most successful summer yet.

What did we have working in our favor that others didn't? YOU.

  • Together we increased camper enrollment by 17%

  • Together we had ZERO COVID cases for the second consecutive year

  • Together we enjoyed the strongest staff CBF has ever had

  • Together we had the BEST parent and staff survey scores amongst North American Jewish camps

Success breeds opportunity, and we have a unique opportunity heading into our 74th summer with the launch of the Camp Ben Frankel Friendship Circle - with special perks for all donors of $500 and above. 


Please give at whatever level is meaningful to you - all donations are welcome. 

Thank You For Your Support!
Camp Ben Frankel is a 501(c)3 organization tax ID 370661214.

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